Spring Market Exhibitions 2024

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All the Market Exhibitions in Italy 2024 divided by North, Center and South

Here is the list of Italian 2024 spring market exhibitions in the period from March to July this year.

In this kind of spring garden events it is possible to buy the new green proposals, but also plants that we had already eyed the year before but wanted to think about where to place or aromatic plants to replace.

Speaking of the aromatic area, I remind you of the article “‘OLD WIVES’ LORE FOR GARDENERS” which talks about cold and hot herbs to alternate for aromatics: go and investigate!

Here we will focus on those garden events where you can then buy new plants and flowers. We will instead talk separately about the garden events in which you feed on beauty by looking at the blooms and ancient architecture, but you can’t buy.

Mondo del Giardino Spring Market Exhibitions 2024: The most updated list around

Here we are at the new spring appointment of plant and flower events throughout Italy.

If during the year you decide to follow us on social networks, to post what you have purchased from us and ask us for advice, you will discover a lot of things that you can then use by going to buy plants to make your garden!

We were a little sad when we saw that some demonstrations wouldn’t take place, but then we realized that twice as many new ones were born so we recovered.

Wonderful plants at prices a little higher than those in the supermarket but with good reason. In fact, these plants are not forced, they are not the usual varieties and, if crushed in your hands, the lump of earth appears soft, vital, fragrant, moist and rich. We work with love for these plants. They will give great results in the garden and is the only real way to buy them.

All Spring Plant Events in Italy 2024 divided by North, Center and South

We remind you of a couple of rules that are always valid:

during these events very useful meetings are organized and full of fundamental information for those who grow plants. It is best to read the website or social page first to see if there is something we are interested in listening to and going to on that occasion.

Don’t buy plants on the wave of pleasure:

Before leaving, decide which spaces you want to fill and what characteristics the plants must have: for example, size (width and height) and plant needs. An example? If you have a space where a small tall shrub would fit, buy a domestic Nandina or a cutting rose. Another example? If you have a space with half a day of shade, take a Hydrangea macrophylla. Why? because Hydrangea is a partial shade acidophilus.

Consult the spring market exhibition calendar – North 2024.pdf

Consult the spring market exhibition calendari – Center 2024.pdf

Consult the spring market exhibition calendar – South 2024.pdf

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Get ready because there will be big news in April!

Time passes quickly, so we just have to organize ourselves to go and see the ones we have chosen!

Enjoy and have fun !!

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and…if you have any questions, write to info@ilmondodelgiardino.com

Image sources: thanks to Fiorissimo, Novara and the beautiful posters created this year by the event organisers.

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