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Therapeutic Gardens: from Horti simpleum to Healing Gardens

When greenery helps well-being: from medieval gardens to the most innovative therapeutic gardens in hospitals. The rediscovery of the past to improve the healthcare environments of tomorrow.

The Cultural Association of Italian Historic Hospitals – ACOSI is organizing the national conference “Therapeutic Gardens: from the Horti Simplicium to the Healing Gardens”, next Saturday

 November 18th in Milan.

In the spirit of the Association, the event highlights an illustrious history, to promote innovative practices for healthcare, combining cultural, scientific and operational aspects.

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Why should a landscaping professional participate?

The issue of greenery in healthcare facilities is as urgent as that of urban greenery because it is finally evidence for all professionals in the hospital sector, but not only, that in the presence of greenery in hospitals people heal better and sooner. 

We therefore hope that this conference is only the first of a series aimed at developing the topic of greenery and healing, not only in hospitals and nursing homes, but also in prisons.

Imagine what a great impact it would have on people’s social lives? Imagine what huge strides society could make by putting these green experiences into practice? 

As we have often said, in the world of landscaping there are many skills and they must collaborate. Today, thanks to the reporting of this beautiful event, we discovered that doctors and healthcare personnel can also have their say and that their opinion is very important! 

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Green in Hospitals

The conference develops the theme of Therapeutic Gardens, with interventions designed to underline both the link with the past and the most recent prospects for improvement for our hospitals, in fact in them the gardens are today an important element in the humanization of care environments ( also for those who work there) e of therapeutic pathways.

Who is the conference dedicated to?

The conference is aimed first of all at staff members of hospital bodies, then at those with a professional interest (doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, designers, landscape architects, agronomists, botanists), but the theme is current and of great interest even among the wider public, and therefore the day is also open to the varied participation of enthusiasts and the curious.

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The appointment for the Conference

Saturday 18 November 2023, 9.30am-4pm, IRCCS Ca’ Granda Foundation Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Via Francesco Sforza 28 – Milan (“Nicoletta Milani” Room)

Participation is free, with reservation at 

Who is ACOSI? 

ACOSI is the acronym for Associazione Culturale Ospedali Storici Italiani.

ACOSI is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2019 between healthcare and hospital companies, bodies and associations in possession of significant artistic, historical, cultural and architectural heritage, and which combine the tradition of care and assistance with services still provided to the population, operating actions of conservation, valorization and promotion of its artistic and cultural heritage, and sharing among the members the best practices relating to the conservation, management and valorization of the assets in their possession.

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The advice of Mondo del Giardino

If you wish to delve deeper into the topic of Orthotherapy, I invite you to read the article in which we tell you about it here

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

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Sources of images: we thank Mr. Galimberti for the images and information on the conference as well as the ACOSI Association.