BAM: The park of events

BAM: Why is it called the Library of the Trees?

BAM, the “Library of the Trees of Milan” is more an experience than a park.

This green lung, in addition to being itself a museum and a place of discovery, hosts hundreds of initiatives throughout the year aimed at making people live in the green by doing things.

In April, to breathe the same air in the head of those who love and manage this park, I called them to explain what BAM was.

Then I called Studio AG&P which, with a team also formed by the studio Ing. Ceruti and GAe Engineering, carried out the actual construction. What you will read below is the substance.

“BAM is more than a park! It is a contemporary botanical garden in the heart of Porta Nuova in Milan, where you can enjoy cultural experiences in contact with nature. “

This is the presentation on their website and no summary could be more successful than this to tell what we will now try to develop.


How was the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan born?

The BAM was born in 2004 when the Arch. Petra Blaisse wins the related international competition with her Inside Outside project. However, construction does not start before 2017 and ends in 2019.

It catches the eye, looking at the images of the park, how the design of the paths was very particular and characterizing the project from the beginning.

These intersecting lines are the epicenter of the design, representing an illuminating solution for the mending of the surrounding areas, disconnected from the presence of overlapping urban interventions.

In fact, the Porta Nuova area has undergone major transformations over the years – from the dismantling of the Varesine rides area to the urban development of the Garibaldi / Porta Nuova station to the construction of CityLife – which have led to the presence of unresolved but available areas.

A far-sighted governance of Milan has therefore made possible the birth of this green lung in an area projected towards the future, but lacking in clean air.

The BAM is a botanical library. There are more than 100 species.

The trees are composed of “circular forests” also aimed at meeting: each creates a room in which things happen: benches for sitting, spaces for running or structures for playing.

The paths that cross the park are an important element of the project and have been designed as a theme: the path of trees and that of blooms – especially in spring.

On the last Sunday of the month there is always a free guided tour.


The flowery meadow inside the event park

This past spring we also witnessed a wonderful planting of “flowery meadow”.

The sowing of the “Prato Fiorito” in the first spring also inspired the loyalty campaign of BAMFriends with the delivery of a sachet of seeds – it cannot be proposed after March because the seeds cannot be planted at other times – see the article “the perfect lawn”.

We hope it will be proposed again next year so that we can join with joy.

Despite being a public park, the management is private as well as maintenance, which is handled by HW Style Srl of Lurano, which works on site daily through an entire fixed team.


BAM: how and when to visit it

The park is always open to the public because it is not fenced. We recommend a trip to this beautiful tree library to everyone.

If you are in Milan, or are planning to go there, a visit to the BAM cannot be missing from your tour.

Also take inspiration for your garden and then return home inspired and happy.

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to


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