Case 1 – Simona’s garden

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Case 1 – Simona’s garden

Hello and welcome to the eighth episode of the TGi, the TeleGiardino.

The TeleGiardino will deal with organizational and planning issues related to greenery.

In the next eight episodes of July and August we will give examples to clarify the concepts of the TGi videos already published and to do this we will use your gardens.

We know you are eager to see the finished project, but the project is the result of many factors that must be carefully considered.

What are these factors? The ones that the garden world publishes in its telegarden videos.

For example, the video on “how to make a garden plan” starts from the land registry plan. So if you have this plan, don’t think you can avoid the controls explained in the video, because they are essential.

Today, however, we will work on a land registry plan because we want to show other things.

This garden is in the province of Milan.

The first check is related to the video “what style to give to the garden”.

Simona has modern furniture at home and a taste for minimalism, so her garden will be essential, without frills.

Let’s look at its floor plan. We will put it vertically to read it better.

As you can see, the sun rises and dies along the long side of the garden. This means that the only part in the shade will be the one to the west of the house for about half a day.

Why are we interested in this? Because Simona wants to put some hydrangeas that can only go in the shaded area for half a day. In fact, hydrangeas are half-shade plants and could not survive in any other place.

The rest of the garden will be able to benefit from the sun all day.

Simona wants a vegetable garden and fruit trees and this is compatible with a garden mostly in the sun all day.

The only thing to pay attention to when positioning fruit trees is that they do not shade the vegetable garden and the aromatic area.

Simona plans to put the fruit trees in the center of the garden to the east and we agree with her. For herbs and vegetables, however, the situation is more complicated.

In fact we are not sure that Simona has given us the precise position of the east at the point where the sun rises. Let’s say that the vegetable garden and herbs are placed to the north, on the long side as marked by Simona. If the sun were to rise further north than mentioned above, during the morning the border hedge (which will surely be inserted) could shade the garden for part of the morning and this is not good. So in this case the garden should be placed to the south.

Conversely if the sun rises further south.

No other activities have been reported that will be done in the garden so let’s skip the “where to do what” and continue with the routes.

Simona says that the table and deck chairs are on the porch so there shouldn’t be a path that leads somewhere, but rather a series of paths that allow you to stroll around the garden.

Simona also informs us that the garden will also be frequented by dogs and cats, but this is the subject of the next videos and we will talk about it again in September.

The advice as a landscaper consists in placing the fruit trees in a semicircle towards the house and delimiting the area with a border in shape, in this regard you can read the article “The art of topiary” or free but of low essences such as berberis or cotoneaster to give order to the fruit area behind it.

Now let’s think about what can be seen from inside the house. In the kitchen there is a window towards the vegetable garden and in the kitchen and in the bedroom there are two French doors towards the fruit trees. A fountain could be placed in correspondence with the window (which will also be used for the vegetable garden). An accent must be placed in correspondence with the French windows and we could take advantage of the berberis hedge to insert two entrances towards the fruit trees bordered by flowering shrubs (all the same) slightly higher than the berberis.

What you have followed is a meta-project that is based on the little information collected and has the sole purpose of helping you to use the videos to build your project.

It cannot and does not want to replace the work of a designer who will take care of you in a very different way, keeping you safe from mistakes and making you make a beautiful journey of you and your garden.

Thank you for following us and we hope we have been helpful. See you next Wednesday!

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and… if you have any questions, write to

Image sources: thanks to Simona for the photos of her garden and Pixabay and in particular to  iris4me.

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