Case 6 – Cinzia A.’s garden

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Case 4 – Cinzia’s garden

Hello and welcome once again to the series of videos dedicated to real cases of Gardens, where we will study the part preceding the actual design of the Garden, but which makes it the inevitable basis, because it will be based on these data and on this study that we will do then the actual project.

Today we will take care of the garden of Cinzia A., our second new Cinzia.

Let’s start with a panoramic tour of the garden.

Here we have the steps that lead from the house to the outside.

The paved area, the lawn part, not very large, but very nice, nice in the design sense.

A paved area that leads to a small house and a hedge, which delimits the property with a low wall and which leads to the exit.

Beautiful dog.

What we will do now is not a project, it is the part preceding the project.

That is, the study, the analysis, the basic considerations that concern the garden in question and which must be taken into consideration in order to then carry out the project.

The project cannot be done without a personal inspection, so all our conjectures are also related to a situation that we imagine to be in a certain way, but then we have to see first hand if they are.

Furthermore, even with the client, we have not had any in-depth chats and therefore we can only get an idea of ​​what is possible.

We’re just getting started

We didn’t know how much he wanted to spend, we didn’t know what life he wanted to lead in the garden, even if he said something there, but like when you go to buy a piece of furniture, a piece of furniture for the kitchen, where you have to talk about many things, it is important to delve deeper into certain things. There are some desires that only come out after having chatted for a long time.

These arguments have the aim of starting the design process after which, if you feel like it, you will put yourself in the hands of a good designer who can be an agronomist, a landscape designer,

a particularly trained gardener, a structure that is used to designing gardens and with which you can put on the table the things that have been done here and develop what has been done or change them.

The issue of hedges and border greenery.

If possible we will recommend making the hedge reach all the way to the end, the one, let’s say on the left, looking at the garden, we thought it was possible to see it all the way to the end.

As always, we start from our study videos which explain how to tackle this part of the mid-project.

Deciding what to do in the garden.

The client tells us that she wants a simple garden to maintain with a minimal design and that she would like to be able to eat in the paved area.

After which the customer indicates that she would like to sunbathe, play with the dog and walk in that green area.

Point 3 evaluate the shadow and light areas.

As you can see from the north sign, we have placed north so that it coincides with the north of the drawing, with the north of the computer.

West to left, the sun’s path goes from East to West. So we can say that the garden is in the sun for most of the day.

Except towards the evening, towards the second part of the afternoon, where it is overshadowed by the question of the house.

Because the other difficulties are close, but not close enough to give shade.

Let’s move on to point 4, the views to be covered or enhanced.

We look at the photos that Cinzia sent us and we notice that around there is much more to cover than to see, so it would be better, also because the area behind it is not hers and there are probably work vehicles.

So we will see how we can cover it, you see that the fence is not very high. So now we’ll see what to do.

On the other side there is this private house and maybe in a couple of places, like, yes you can put something a little tall.

And the neighbor also has a tall plant, but it’s in such bad shape that it can’t provide shade, not even itself.

The coverings towards the outside: hedges and climbers

Well, let’s start by talking about the issue of coverings towards the outside, so in reality the hedge actually reaches up to here.

That is, not all the way down, because here is the service house.

We recommend removing the house and extending the hedge to the end and, if possible, raising it a little, making it grow a little more.

In the part where there is the fence, put a support structure for climbers also with steel cables and have it done by those responsible, because it may have to support significant weights.

To make it a little higher than the existing fence, so let’s say a couple of metres, probably to be evaluated in person, and to grow beautiful climbers which in the various months of the year can give different beauties, including berries, flowers that bloom in spring , which bloom in summer, which bloom in autumn, with their leaves in autumn, which change color, also make that background beautiful, they must be mixed together with wisdom by those who know how to do it.

Giving a beautiful look to the background without taking up too much space in depth, this garden being small in size.

The Bush

At the end, however, where there is the paved part, we recommend removing the low plants that are there and planting another hedge to keep in shape, then pruned, and which is the same or different from the one on the other side, but evergreen in order to protect the privacy of the dining area.

We recommend moving, removing the flooring, and we have already said this, and moving the vegetable garden area. If, however, they no longer want the vegetable garden, they can place in the background, in front of the hedge leaning against the wall, a long seat made of stone material, therefore either in stone or in concrete, perhaps with a covering bench also made of wood, which must be treated wood. , but which gives you the opportunity to sit down and rest quietly and look around.

In the area, behind the vegetable garden, we recommend making a compost area which in a garden today, like today, must be evaluated: it is a huge saving of money, a huge source of the best fertilizer that exists in the world, and if done well it will not It stinks, so it doesn’t bother anyone, but it’s not nice to look at, so it should be placed in an area that isn’t exactly visible from the outside.

The hut and the route

The idea that I intend to develop has this shape, I would move the shed, I would move and buy a shed which however has the longest side towards the house. A shed which, being in the center of the garden, must be nice, because this garden, having something ugly outside, or not particularly beautiful to look at, must have attractive fires inside it, and the background vines are not enough , there must be something else.

So it could be this path that passes in front of the house and returns towards the garden. This could be the walking area.

This side path could lead to a small paved area where you can put deckchairs for sunbathing.

In our intentions, the main path can be covered by a pergola, which allows – being a very sunny garden – to walk in the shade, to have the coolness that one has under the plants, which is a coolness of a different kind and amplified compared to to the coolness that can be had with the shade of a building.

Low maintenance garden

Once implanted, once set up, it may not require much work. The areas that we have outlined with dark green, and we have filled with a lilac and an orange, are the ones in which it is possible to place the flowerbeds and therefore the actual flowers.

And then you can indulge yourself every year by placing different things, or you can structure flowerbeds that include some new plants every year and therefore allow you to have fun trying new things, but which basically have a fixed structure that works on its own and for which we should do little pruning ourselves, or call the gardener only a couple of times a year just to check that things are in order. Eliminate dead branches and eliminate damaged branches, but ensure that the structure of the garden is always beautiful to look at and always in order without us having to make major interventions.

As for point six, what can you see from inside the house

imagine, having a garden with a pergola, therefore with something that comes up and also the house, that is, living elements that come out of the garden vertically, it will be nice to look from the windows of the upper floor or from the room on the ground floor towards the garden, we will be continually invited to follow those paths.

As you have seen, we have left the central part of the garden as lawn, so that you can play there peacefully with your dog.

What style to give to the garden 7

Even by setting the solution we have given, a decidedly minimal aesthetic can be used.

For example, instead of being made of wrought iron, the pergola can be a very simple metal structure in the color you decide.

The support structure, as we were saying, of the climbers can be made of steel wires, therefore with a very clean design, instead of wood, rather this will absolutely be decided in the final phase of the project.

How to pave the garden

here too the paving will depend on what aspect you want to give to the garden and what impact you want for the paving in the garden.

In this case a good solution could be to distribute gneiss with the lawn between one and the other, or even concrete slabs which today are very common and regular, therefore rectangular, placed one after the other or at a certain distance from each other, so that grass can grow in the midst of each of these.

It would have a simpler and cleaner design and also a low cost, even if the flooring also has to be put down properly.

If you want to delve deeper into these discussions you can see the video we talked about and that we used for this work, for this video, and if you have any questions we are at your disposal to give you the answers you are looking for.

We hope you enjoyed seeing it and found it useful.

We wish you a good day and see you next time.

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and… if you have any questions, write to

Image sources: thanks to Cinzia for the photos, the video and the plan of her garden.

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