Euroflora 2022

Euroflora 2022: What is? When and where was the event held?

Euroflora is an exhibition, an event, one of the largest and most important events in Italy.

The twelfth edition was held from 23 April to 8 May at the Parks and Museums of Nervi in ​​Genova and is organized by the Porto Antico di Genova Spa company in collaboration with many local, regional and state bodies.

It was born in 1966, the year of the first edition and today it has 6,770 exhibitors including floriculturists, horticulturalists and professionals and experts in the sector.

The place of the event is already beautiful. The Parco di Nervi complex is a set of gardens that once belonged to a group of important villas – and families – and now houses museums and events.

You understand well that even if you happen to look up between an exhibitor of magnificent flowers and another, you will be able to admire unique and exciting perspective fires.


Some news at the Euroflora 2022 event

Within this fair you will find, between curiosities and the culture of greenery, plants for sale – collections, known, unknown or new – gardens on display for the relative competition and many different initiatives that we will see better below.

Among the already known and loved plants on display there was also some novelty such as “Rosa di Genova” of the Garden Club di Genova and the Nirp International, the new fat plant “Echeveria” of Echecactus Flor, the new beautiful “Petunia Allegra” – of the Farao Company – and the new lemon “Sa Pombià” of the Cinelli Nursery.

If I have a corner of succulents or an area of ​​the garden dedicated to citrus fruits and maybe I have a plant that is dying or an empty spot to fill here are the solutions.


Euroflora 2022:Initiatives for individuals and professionals

The organization of initiatives is very rich, as always.

For professionals and the curious, the “Landscape Professions Conference for the ecological transition” or “The new challenges for historic gardens: the experience in Liguria” organized by the Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences of the University of Torino.

For individuals, floral compositions, music, paintings composed of flowers, books, organic fabrics and period costumes, round tables, seminars, photographic exhibitions, theatrical animations, tango and much more.

As a further reason to be amazed, on the evening of May 6 the pyromusical show organized by the Liguria Region in collaboration with the Municipality of Genova and the Carlo Felice Theater in honor of EuroFlora was also held at the port of Genova. This multimedia show has combined images, music and fireworks for a unique sensory perception.


“Microgiardini” theme gardens competition for Euroflora 2022

The Garden Competition is a beautiful initiative that serves as a showcase for professionals in the sector such as landscape architects, designers and gardeners, but also as a source of ideas for those who wish to give a special touch to their garden.

These professionals often come from all over Italy and therefore if we find an idea that convinces us, and the company that presented it in the competition is from our area, we can have it built in our garden directly by them, giving us a perfect result!

This year the title was “Microgiardini” (microgardens) and it was evidently highly appreciated given that there were over 100 applications for participation, 34 projects delivered within the deadlines set by the announcement and 10 projects selected by the jury and built in the fair.

There is a lot of work behind a competition like this.

The competition foresees, by the jury, the identification of a parterre of projects to be built within the spaces of the event; by the designer the presentation of a project, the direction of the construction work and the presence on site during all the days of the event to present and preserve the garden; the assembly, disassembly and transport of construction materials and any machinery by the gardeners or the horticultural company, perhaps from afar.


Show Euroflora 2022: Final remarks

Surely many have been inspired by their gardens or have made contact with the relevant professionals to bring the solutions they have seen into their own home.

We hope that next year on the site they will show the gardens built to give even more visibility to those who have invested so much in this work.

The complexity and wonder of this event certainly requires several days to visit if you want to breathe the world of greenery. You can continue to talk about what you have seen, heard and smelled for at least 48 hours, also passing dinners and lunches without talking about anything else … which is the thing that I also love to do.

So see you next year. We can not wait. Certainly for us Euroflora 2023 will be a fundamental step!

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to


For the image sources we thank: for Echeveria Serena, Lemon Sa Pombià, Petunia Allegra, Rosa di Genova and Homepage of Euroflora 2022; Pier Giorgio Baroni with for the map of the Nervi Parks and my friend Cinzia (a hug).