Orticola 2022

Orticola 2022: What is? When and where was the exhibition held?

Did you imagine that the proceeds of Orticola are destined for the green city of Milano? No? Well a nice use, don’t you think?

Orticola was born in 1996 and has always been held in the Gardens of Milan today called Indro Montanelli, but historically “of Porta Venezia” or “Public Gardens of Via Palestro” former city zoo where there are the Civic Planetarium and the Natural History Museum between Corso Venezia and Via Manin.

You can get off on the red line at Porta Venezia or Palestro and you will be very comfortable!

If at the first edition there were 37 nurserymen, today there are 160 of them. This latest edition took place for the most part in an intense and annoying rain, but the Milanese do not allow themselves to be discouraged by this nonsense and have presented themselves in numerous exhibitions and meetings by booking online or at the entrance.


Lots of activities planned for the Milano Orticola Show

Nurserymen from all over Italy brought their best crops, but there were also producers of elegant and refined vases, beautiful and handmade garden decorations in treated metal, poignant birdhouses, trendy wicker furniture, fabrics and workwear in the garden, magazines, etc.

Among the meetings to report there is certainly the first edition of “Dialogues in the garden” with meetings, debates and presentations that took place between the stands and in the meeting area.

Presentation of books, Biopools, secrets on the cultivation of hydrangeas, passion flowers, peonies, water lilies, Japanese maples, acidophilic, orchids etc., of Bee Hotel, but also how to weave branches, presentations of prestigious gardens to visit or listening to poems or regenerative painting of the soul.

There was also a guided tour of the public gardens for the “Pills of Meneghine (of Milano) Stories”.

In short, a very rich program that was worth studying before going, so as not to miss anything that was of interest.


OrticolaOff 2022: The Show Orticola beyond the Indro Montanelli Gardens

Having to organize more than one day given the commitments of the program, the advice for visits was really numerous.

You could start by accepting the FuoriOrticola (OrticolaOff) path by preparing marigold oil at Boscoincittà, building paper vases in the Orti Condivisi of Via Padova all in Milano, or heading towards the lakes to visit Villa Melzi d’Eril, Villa Carlotta or Villa Monastero.

FuoriOrticola also allowed, by keeping the Orticola entrance ticket, to visit 15 museums of Milano for free or at a reduced price.

Other than a couple of days … you had to stay in Milano for a week! You know what an effort given the beauty!

Green spaces in Milan recommended by Il Mondo del Giardino

Staying in Milano you could also stroll and visit the wonderful public and private gardens of Milano. Milano has many green spaces, many of which are dedicated to modern heroes. You will find on the internet all the information about these.

Instead, I would like to point out those with particular botanical characteristics such as the “Botanical Garden of Brera”, the BAM (Library of the Trees of Milan), the “Vineyard of Leonardo”, the Guastalla Gardens and the FAI garden of Villa Necchi-Campiglio – not always open – of the most rigorous Art Deco taste.

Finally, it should be noted that the Association Orticola of Lombardy follows and finances, among others, small but important green upgrades of spaces serving museums or historic buildings that are worth visiting.

As for next year’s edition 2023, you can find all the information on the organization of the new event on the website www.orticola.org starting from 21 March 2023.

Now that we have bought plants that we have not been able to resist, we are ready to plant them in our garden. We just hope that before leaving, you have concentrated your attention for a moment on which points of the garden deserved some new essence and of what size – approximately – so as not to proceed in “wicked” purchases. ?

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to info@mondodelgiardino.com


Thanks for the sources of the images: ilpeccatovegetale.it for Daphne odora Aureomarginata and Primula Romance; orticola.org for the Fuori Orticola map, the photo of the home page and this year’s poster; ilgiardinovivace.it for Pennisetum Salvia Stipa Perovskia; rosebarni.it for the latest news presented.