Flora et Decora 2023

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Between 13 and 15 October, the Flora et Decora market exhibition was held in the City Life district of Milan. The gazebos were distributed along the green paths of the beautifully designed park at the foot of the buildings. We tasted delicious food and bought healthy plants while walking pleasantly.


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The City Life neighborhood

The City Life neighborhood was born in 2009 on the visionary projects of Arata Isozaki,  Daniel Libeskind  and  Zaha Hadid. In fact you can enjoy unique and amazing upward views. Each of the three towers is designed by a star architect and the residential buildings are also by Liberskind and Zaha Hadid. Together with the buildings, an external space of shops and paved outdoor spaces protected from atmospheric agents with porticoes and galleries is designed. The shopping center allows you to shop and eat out and the dedicated and central metro stop and the car parks below can be accessed comfortably. Around all this gravitates a green park full of walkways (perhaps a few benches) for families and sportsmen.

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The park

The park, of almost 31,000 m2. Green and 170,000 in total area, it was designed by Gustavson Porter who, with One Works, won the competition in 2010 by presenting the project “A park between the mountains and the plain”. We are talking about 1750 trees housed, of which almost 300 are newly planted. It hosts the urban flower gardens managed by the Cooperativa del Sole, which if you want to visit, will accompany you on their discovery.

A nice presentation of how the green project is developed is at this link  from the Municipality of Milan.


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Flora et Decora: the Decora area

Fabric gazebos, bamboo scarves, clothes, decorations and high-end craftsmanship gave us the desire to buy everything. We held back but it was hard.



Flora et Decora: the Flora area

We encountered excellences such as the Barni Roses, Gardenesque, Fenix ​​Floricoltura, the citrus fruits of Trio Antonina and Green Oasi of Maurizio Antonino and we had to stop there too!




Flora et Decora: the restaurant area

We happened to taste some special dried fruit cut into very thin slices which however kept the flavor of the original fruit intact: a delicacy. We refreshed ourselves for lunch with a healthy mixed salad which today is called pokè under a hot but not too hot sun and a very blue sky streaked with harmless clouds.



The visitors

Our walk between chatting and observing also allowed us to enjoy the sight of many families, couples, many well-kept dogs, many accompanied grandparents. In short, a healthy humanity at rest in its free time: distracted, meeting and exchanging a few words with neighbors and acquaintances, recovering that quality time that we need so much.

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the Mondo del Giardino advice

If you want to include these essences in your garden, always consider using 3-5 of each type otherwise you will have a messy effect.

If you want to know who the exhibitors were, look for them in the image I posted at the beginning: they are all there in the brochure.

If you want to know what other events are scheduled in the north, center and south of Italy, just consult this article Autumn Market Exhibitions 2023

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to info@mondodelgiardino.com

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We thank the organization of the event for the map and the exhibitors for the photographic material they have endorsed.