Gardens of Green Card

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The gardens of the film “Green Card – Marriage of Convenience”

Titol: Green Card – Matrimonio di convenienza

Direction: Peter Weir

Main performers: Andie MacDowell e Gérard Depardieu

Why we mention “Green Card”

When we asked on social media which films struck you because of the gardens present, you mentioned this film among others. In fact, this film features the most romantic and intimate winter garden ever seen in the modern era. However, we cannot help but point out and understand the beautiful terrace of the apartment which, although echoing the noises of the city, does not remain above, almost on a cloud where the problems do not matter.

What is the purpose of assembling just gardens

This medley of clips from the film aims to show the gardens, Winter gardens and landscapes featured in the film that Mondo del Giardino believes are poetically important in and of the film to make available to garden and greenery enthusiasts who frequent this site the only green sequences and, furthermore, magnify the film and the direction that produced it.

So if we are talking to someone about the gardens shown in the film Green Card, and we need to reach the goal quickly, we will have the opportunity to scroll through them in this short video which collects the clips containing gardens, winter gardens and landscapes accompanied by the original audio in Italian. The editing took the dialogues into account and tried to preserve the meaning of the film.

We are sure that, from watching this video, the desire to see or re-watch the entire film will arise, which is worth watching.


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Image sources: Thanks to the production Studiocanal, NAN Films LLC and director Peter Weir for the wonderful material to work on.

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