The Masters of the Landscape in Bergamo

What is “I Maestri del Paesaggio” (The Masters of the Landscape)? When will the event take place?

In a few days, to be precise, from 8 to 25 September in Bergamo will take place the Landscape Festival.

What’s it about?

The festival is full of events, the most obvious of which will be the setting up of the main square of Bergamo Alta as a garden. Every year a great landscape architect designs the space in Piazza Vecchia in accordance with the theme of the year.


The Masters of the Landscape Bergamo 2022: Theme Forgotten Landscape

The focus is on remembering that each landscape has its own history and individuality that must be found, respected and encouraged even in private as well as public design.

By public design we mean that of public green spaces inserted in city and urban or peri-urban contexts of service to man, allowing him to rediscover that relationship with nature and with the territory a little lost in recent decades.

The Masters of the Landscape 2022: The project and the organizers of the event

Since 2011, the Arketipos association, in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo and various supporters, have organized this international event to involve and promote the culture of greenery through outdoor spaces, performances by artists throughout the city, meetings on topics related to the green and guided tours.



Who designs the Piazza Vecchia this year is a select group of students from the German University of Applied Sciences together with the established landscape architect Cassian Schmidt. The German faculty is globally recognized “[…] with a purely green, innovative and practical orientation, able to offer courses oriented towards issues related to nature and the environment, ranging from scientific to artistic, from high -tech alla Land Art “(from the site

What and how to visit The Masters of the Landscape in Bergamo

This event can be accessed at different levels.

You can start by strolling through the streets of the upper city without too much intention, enjoying the green settings and the performances of the artists – see the MOZARTFLUSS music and dance show – or letting your children participate in the various organized play spaces.

It is possible to register and / or book free of charge for some meetings aimed at end users such as the Hatha Yoga Flow lesson or the meeting on natural coloring of fabrics or book presentations or even participation in a composition and conservation course of cut flowers.

Other meetings, always free, are more focused on professionals or aspiring ones, for example the one on landscape schools or the presentation of the Carpi foundation that tells the experience of its peri-urban park, or even the meeting with AIAPP to talk about energetic landscapes, or finally
the meeting on the role of mediation in environmental and landscape conflicts with the public administration seen through the eyes of Resolutia Srl.

On 20 September there will also be a contest for the design of a house for bees preceded by a workshop at the agricultural park of Grumello al Piano.


The Masters of the Landscape: Important appointments for professionals

A third level of participation is strongly linked to professionals and the meetings are paid – you will find all the costs on the site:

  • Wednesday 21 the Garden Masterclass “Learning from Nature” where “[…] Cassian Schmidt will guide us through the steps required to achieve an effective design, one that features an improved and stylized version of nature, with a focus on plant distribution – especially matrix planting, but referencing layered planting, mosaic and distribution of group. Bettina Jaugstetterwill focus on mixed planting styles and how to select plants for random combinations. Noel Kingsbury it will focus on plant architecture and growth habits and the implications for the long-term potential of plantations.” (from the site
  • On Thursday 22nd the Valfredda Seminar will deal with the presentation of the Lurie Garden in Chicago as a reference model, starting from which other examples of urban contamination and landscape will be analyzed.
  • Friday 23 and Saturday 24 returns theInternational Meeting of the Landscape and Garden 2022 where leading figures from the world of green design will speak at the event and will be delivered theLand Award.


In anticipation of 2023 where Bergamo and Brescia will be the capitals of culture, events are also scheduled in Brescia: the guided tour that looks at the city from above to recognize its plot, the guided tour of the Garden of the Santa Giulia Museum, the guided tour of the art gallery to learn more about the meanings and symbols of plants and flowers in ancient paintings.

Advice from Il Mondo del Giardino

If, on the other hand, you want to continue walking by visiting, I point out that the two Sundays 18 and 25 see private villas open to the public in the province of Bergamo, in Crema and in Franciacorta as well as guided walks in the park of the hills and around Bergamo.

However, you can find the entire program, times and places at the link below:

The Masters of the Garden in Bergamo: Final considerations

Who knows how much we will be inspired to carry on our private garden, to decide on our working life or to improve our knowledge of green professionals!

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to


Sources of images: the introductory photo is from a past year thanks to and the drawings are from the new project and were kindly given by the Arketipos association The new photos will arrive after the event.