Fiorissima Show 2022

Fiorissima Show 2022: The Ovada autumn fair

What’s Fiorissima Show 2022? When it takes place Fiorissima Show 2022?

On 10 and 11 September we start immediately with a small, but delightful flower plant market exhibition in Ovada in the province of Alessandria, just over an hour from Milan.

The sixth edition of “Fiorissima 2022 – Florovivaistic Market Exhibition” should have been on the 17th and 18th, but it was brought forward so as not to overlap with anything else.

Where it takes place Fiorissima Show 2022?

First of all the place: Ovada.

This town, already mentioned in the letters of Decimo Bruto and Cicerone, has been a small but important hub since Roman times due to the obligation to cross as a point of union between the Orba and Stura rivers.

In Ovada in the nineteenth century the gardens and orchards of Palazzo Maineri were united with those of Palazzo Scassi-Buffa by the hand of the Reverend Pie Franzoniane, allowing the birth of the municipal public park later named after the beloved Sandro Pertini.

In this municipal park, the market exhibition is held in spring and autumn the FIORISSIMA SHOW.

Advice from Il Mondo del Giardino

I was also about to write about gastronomy but, in case of a visit, consult this link to get inspired before dinner since the suggestions are many and delicious:


Fiorissima Show 2022: What awaits us within this event?

Now that we have discovered what Fiorissima is, where it will take place and when, let’s move on to the details of this sixth edition of the Ovada horticultural market exhibition.

First of all 34 plant exhibitors from which you can buy the latest news in terms of crops and interesting ceramic garden decorations, iron furniture, floral-themed fabrics and jewelry but also jams, honeys and syrups.

A personal report goes to earthworms. Even with a not very inviting appearance, these little animals help the garden a lot to feed. So I warmly invite you to buy them from the earthwormer present in the event!


Fiorissima Show 2022: The scheduled events not to be missed

When you have bought everything you need to live happily ever after, you can enjoy the interesting presentations:

Saturday the esteemed Mr. Mati,

at the head of one of the most important Italian nursery structures and farsighted mind, he will present the current topic “The garden after the drought” (of which I hope an excerpt will be created) and the children’s book “Linn and the secret of the alchemical herbarium” to sensitize future generations on the theme of the environment and its related problems.

Domenica Diana Pace and Enrico Cantamessa

they will introduce the topic of Permaculture, a philosophy (but very practical) that provides for a responsible and respectful use of the earth based on recycling, showing its implementation even in the garden or on the balcony.

Fiorissima Show 2022: Final remarks

We can’t wait to participate in this market exhibition and we will present some new images as soon as they are available!

Appointment therefore to 10 and 11 of September. What a great way to start autumn !!

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to

Advances from Il Mondo del Giardino

If you are interested and want to develop a balcony composter too – which then becomes the same also in the garden – keep an eye on the site because we will soon start following the planting of a composter, the filling, the monthly evolution from waste to fertilizer, and the final collection of the fertilizer ready for use in the article “CAN I MAKE COMPOST ON THE BALCONY?”

For the image sources we thank:,, and for the photos of Ovada; and the organization of the GARDENING IN COLLINA event chaired by the Landscape Arch. Giovanna Zerbo for the images of the event on the site WWW. FIORISSIMA.IT