The gardens of Saving Grace.

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update of 03/15/2024:

Unfortunately we had to suspend viewing the video because we were not granted permission by Warner Bros. We hope they will change their policies in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

“Practical magic” Gardens

Title: Practical magic

Direction: Griffin Dunne

Main performers: Sandra Bullock e Nicole Kidman

Why do we mention “Practical magic”

When we asked on social media which films struck you because of the gardens present, you mentioned this film among others. In fact, in this film there is a delightful English garden where many of the good and bad things in the plot happen.

What is the purpose of assembling just gardens

This medley of clips from the film aims to show the gardens, winter gardens and landscapes present in the film which mondodelgiardino thinks are poetically important in and of the film to make available to garden and greenery enthusiasts who frequent this site the only green sequences and, furthermore, magnify the film and the direction that produced it.

So if we are talking to someone about the gardens shown in the film Practical magic, and we need to reach the goal quickly, we will have the opportunity to scroll through them in this short video which collects the clips containing gardens, winter gardens and landscapes accompanied by the Original audio in Italian. The editing took the dialogues into account and tried to preserve the meaning of the film.

We are sure that, from watching this video, the desire to see or re-watch the entire film will arise, which is worth watching.


We remain at the owners’ disposal should they wish to contact us and we hope that they will see in this initiative a further opportunity for visibility of their work in a particular area such as that of gardens and greenery.

GOOD VISION and… if you have any questions, write to

Image sources: Thanks to the production and director Sally Potter for the wonderful material to work with.

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