The lighting system in the garden

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How do we prepare to create a lighting system in the garden?

We have bought a house with a garden or, we have lived there for a long time, but only now have we decided to fix the garden.

If you follow us, you already know that to think about all the stages of building a garden by yourself, the previous articles can help you. It starts from the preparation of the soil arriving at the rules for building the garden

We have already addressed the question of the irrigation system in the articles on the Project and the Construction.

Now, and not surprisingly, let’s talk about the lighting system. Why do we relate these two topics?

Because the cables for the lighting system usually have to be run in the same excavations as those for the irrigation, so if you intend to do both, it is good to deal with them together.

There are only three basic rules for doing well a lighting system in the garden.

First rule for creating a lighting system: Respect the rest of the plants!

Plants are living beings and by giving us well-being they deserve to be treated with respect. This translates into respecting their processing hours of sunlight and dark. In fact, at night plants make chlorophyll synthesis which is not activated if there is no darkness. So most of the night the garden must be dark. If we have a party we can light it up, but not every night and every night.

Each area needs its own lighting.

To do a good job you have to divide the areas into zones. Have you seen the video where we talk about decidere cosa fare in giardino (youtube)?

In this case it comes in very handy because that work has to be done before this.

When you have done this exercise you will know how you want to experience the garden at night.

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Second rule for creating a lighting system: Lighting must be combined for each area

The routes, the rest areas, the walking areas.

You often ask if you can make it yourself. The answer is YES, you can. In this case I recommend solar energy lamps that are inserted into the ground and do not have to be connected to the system.

In fact, if there is an electrical system, the cables must be buried and then connected to the individual light points. This work must be done by an electrician who understands outdoor systems and I recommend setting up a “garden light management” panel in the house and one outside (or in any case a remote control).


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Third rule to create a lighting system: Stick to your taste

If you want the garden to have an elegant air, you will also choose elegant lamps. If you want it to be Shabby Chic then you will opt for lighting elements that recall this style.

Try not to deviate from your taste otherwise the result will be inconsistent and therefore not very harmonious and will be perceived throughout the garden.


How to choose outdoor lighting? How much will it costs?

The costs of a lighting system and the images

There are wonderful lighting solutions on sale and they are so many and varied that we could only make a choice to insert the images. Mondo del Giardino has therefore chosen some solutions that are only part of what is available.

To help you choose, we have included the model and brand of each light on the images and, at the end of each chapter, the cost range they fall into, because the specific cost can vary from shop to shop. We hope you find it a useful service.

How to choose outdoor lighting according to the various areas


Along the paths there must be lights running along the entire length.

Depending on the power of the light we will have to put more or less. On sale there are all types that can however be ordered into two groups: the underground ones – on the pavement or on the adjacent lawn and those with a more or less high stand. The important thing is that they illuminate the path and do not disturb the eyes. Even underground spotlights can have this effect with upward shielding.


Between 10 and 20 euros: Lampada LED solare da terra 33414Q-2; Prios Ewgenie LED da interrare, 10 x 10 cm

Between 50 and 60 euros: Luce LED da incasso AVA, IP67, rotondo

Between 1300 and 1400 euros: Break path marker lamp by Vibia

It was not possible to calculate the cost of the Amlux strips because they were by the metre.


mondo-del-giardino luci da percorso
Segnapassi e faretti ad incasso per percorsi


Clearly, the lower the prices, the more likely it is that the lamps are made of plastic rather than metal – aluminum or steel – and not powder coatings (which are more resistant outdoors).

You could also decide for a first phase with picket lighting to be able to move them until you find their definitive location. In this way you could then proceed with the wired system, optimizing the project and the expense.

An interesting plus in these lights is the motion detector which therefore turns on as you pass and does not have to be managed from home. Excellent even more so in the case of solar cell lighting.

If you have a minimalist taste, unfortunately there aren’t many low-priced floor lamps on sale. Elegance and minimalism come at a price.

mondo-del-giardino luci da percorso



Between 10 and 50 euros: Lampioncino LED solare Rundi; Lindby Ashton lampioncino LED solare, picchetto.

Between 50 and 100 euros: Lindby Jarik applique LED solare da esterni, 50 cm; Lampioncino LED Fiumicino linea curva; Moderno lampione a LED Juvia grigio grafite.

Between 100 and 200 euros: Lampioncino LED Seine; Lampioncino Alamonte 3, nero; Lampioncino LED Nelson, altezza 50 cm; Philips Hue WACA Nyro lampioncino LED nero.

Between 200 and 600 euros: Lampioncino LED grigio Mimik 10 Post 300 4.000K; OLEV Zoe lampione LED 90 cm, IP67.

Between 1000 and 1600 euros: Louis Poulsen Flindt con base terra


mondo-del-giardino luci da percorso
Lampioncini da percorso eleganti



The eating area requires two stages. The first phase is that of the meal which will require one or more lights that illuminate the table where you are eating well and must be placed above the table. If there is a buffet there must be a light there too.

Then there will have to be lower lights for those cases where you are just chatting or having a coffee. These lights can also start from the ground and can be low in both height and lumen so as not to disturb the eyes.


Between 50 and 100 euros: Lampada sospesa Nautica in look anticato; Fatboy LED a sospensione Bolleke.

Between 100 and 200 euros: PR Home Maja sospensione esterni, rattan, Ø 36 cm.

Between 500 and 700 euros: Lampada a sospensione Halleron, stile vittoriano.

Between 800 and 1500 euros: LED sospensione esterni Montoya alluminio, blu.

Between 2500 and 3000 euros: Lampadario Drylight da esterni, controllo con app.


mondo-del-giardino luci cena
Lampade a sospensione per le cene



There will be glimpses in your garden that you want to enhance. Here maybe a hidden light or a light pointing at the vanishing focus that is nice to see can be inserted – without exaggerating – and they must be used only when you put the garden on display, always for the first of the rules we said at the beginning: respect the rest of the plants, which in fact must always be among our thoughts.


Between 50 and 150 euros: Faretto a picchetto Focus in nero, altezza 67 cm; STEINEL Spot Garden N faretto LED, sensore notte.

Between 200 and 500 euros: Philips Hue WACA Amarant strip terra esterni 24V; Fiaccola LED solare Tinka, alta 52 cm, corten; Paulmann Special Line picchetto LED set 6x; Philips Hue faretto a LED set di base da 3.


mondo-del-giardino luci scenografiche
Lampade per gli effetti scenografici



And finally, if you have a point in the garden where something is missing, you could solve it with a design lamp that gives the originality that is missing from the eye.




Between 50 and 150 euros: Lindby Pebbla lampada decorativa a LED solare; Newgarden Lola piantana altezza 110 cm luce fredda.

Between 160 and 500 euros: Newgarden Balans piantana con cavo; Newgarden Kaktus piantana, verde limone; Lampada LED The BOAT lamp, galleggiante, RGBW; Newgarden Fity lampione con accu, altezza 160 cm; GRUPA Model M2 piantana LED bianco, cavo rosso.

Between 500 and 1800 euros: Martinelli Luce Pont lampioncino di design; Artemide Granito 60 lampione, ruggine; Artemide Reeds IP67 Triple piantana LED, 3 pezzi.L; Bover Maxi S/01 lampada LED sospensione da esterni; Lampada da terra Barbone, marrone-nero, oro.


mondo-del-giardino luci di design
Lampade di Design divertenti

the Mondo del Giardino advice

World of the garden is a bit against bright seats and all bright objects in the garden that can disturb plants too much while not disdaining their beauty. Find your right dimension of light…in every sense and have fun!

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to

Sources of the images: thanks to Pixabay and in particular moerschy for the social photo, Jerzy Górecki for the cover photo, Thomas Breher for the grass at night, for the beautiful night image of the garden and the manufacturers of the same mentioned in the article.