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Floreka: a generous market exhibition!

Free market exhibitions are rarely encountered today.

They are likely to be if they are organized by a nursery, but for obvious reasons. Thanks to the Petali e Parole Association managed by Ivana, Alice, Debora, Katiuscia and Vera, Floreka was a success of beauty, culture and public!

This year the market exhibition had as its theme “There is no more water to lose“: a theme at the center of the climate debate this last year. A theme that must be developed in every form and on every possible occasion, so thanks to these hardworking and organized girls for their important contribution!

Floreka offers itself to lovers of greenery and crafts in a completely free form, also offering substantial meetings such as the one with the gardener – but much more than a gardener – Sandro Degni of 100giardini who illustrated, on the theme of the event, the methods for saving water on green balconies and terraces, but with topics that also touched on garden management, with the Talk “Designing and maintaining terraces and gardens considering water as a precious resource”.

An hour and a half of knowledge given by experience and advice of inestimable value.


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Vivai Riberio_Manta_CN


The plants shouldn’t get too wet

Plants that get little water have a more developed root system than those that get a lot of water. The reason is that those that receive water often (not too much) do not feel the need to develop the root system much.

If the saucer in the vase fills up and overflows, we are giving too much water that is not needed. The system needs to be adjusted.

In a garden with a turf and perimeter flowerbeds, we tend to water both with sprinklers for the lawn and with a drip line for the flowerbeds. Well, the dripline is not needed or should be set very low so that the plants in the flowerbeds and hedges are “forced” to go and look for the humidity in the lawn area, correcting, at best, those situations in which you see that a plant has a problem.


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La Girella di Terzi Az Agr_Calcinate_BG


How to save water?

Saving water begins with the choice of soil and the subsequent amendment (fertilizer). The artificial amendment, rich in nitrogen, attracts a lot of water and pushes the foliar apparatus to a great effort. This, in addition to using a lot of water, stresses the plant and this is not good.  

Natural fertilizers, on the other hand, are slower-release and feed the plants in a slower but more natural way, which grow stronger by living well and for many years. Let’s talk about pelleted manure, leonardite and cornunghia which you can find by clicking on the link and which therefore help water management

Good topsoil is good quality, it sounds like a pun, but we’re just saying you’re going to get paid a little more. However, the difference will be 10 times greater than using first-rate soil. Water saving will be much greater and the soil will have greater structure which is what plants need for proper root development and a healthy existence.


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Rose rifiorentissime_Ciliverghe di Mazzano_BS


But what will good soil contain?

Good soil contains inert material – pumice stone or volcanic lapilli – which is used to drain excess water and allow the roots to move in the soil, allowing them to occupy all the available space.

The choice of plants is essential

If you want to learn more about this aspect you can read the article “Building a garden

We must not give in to the purchase of plants of which we know nothing and which are probably not good for our situation.


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Fioreria Moioli_Scanzorosciate_BG


The importance of the irrigation system

Even if a gardener does the planting, he has to calculate how much water is needed so as not to give too much.

Differently from what you think, setting the quantity of sprinklers and the irrigation time is very important and should not be taken lightly. A certain number of sprinklers are needed for a small pot, another number for a large pot. You shouldn’t put the same number of sprinklers in all pots regardless of size!

In winter the plant shuts down!

The risk is also of receiving a high bill as well as risking the plant freezing. Beyond the damage the mockery! However, this does not mean that during the winter I can go out to check the situation and, if it seems appropriate, give some water by hand or, if the system is in order, open and close it as needed.

In fact, it can happen that plants that resisted in winter die with the relaunch of spring vegetation because they did not receive a drop of water in winter.

The soil must remain moist and permeable and this can only be checked for yourself. The commitment cannot be delegated to the irrigation system alone: ​​you have to take care of the plants yourself!


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La verde oasi vendita all ingrosso_Agrate Brianza


Let’s talk about the biological fight

Sandro Degni argues that the first biological fight is you as well as for water.

Plants don’t need so much water as soil moisture to allow them to live, so it’s better a little often than a lot once a day. The minute, even in hot weather, can help the humidity, especially if you have metal vases.


mondo-del-giardino Floreka lavanda
Lavanda di Valtellina - Tresivio SO


Plants must get along with each other

You cannot put a hydrangea next to a myrtle due to the too different needs of water.

Study the plants around you, on nearby balconies, in nearby gardens, it could help you understand which plants to use.

Sandro Degni’s courses

The above are just some of the insider tips we can get from people who, like Sandro, have managed to turn their passion into their job.


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Cappelli Mariuccia Fatto_mano_con_passione

the garden world advice

If you want to participate in one of his courses you can go here

If, on the other hand, you would like a project and an estimate for your green space, write to info@mondodelgiardino.com and you will be given a name among those chosen by Mondo del Giardino!

If you want to know what other events are scheduled in the north, center and south of Italy, just consult this article Spring Market Exhibitions 2023

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to info@mondodelgiardino.com

Sources of the images: for the photos and the excellent products purchased, we thank Sala Fiori e Piante – Alzano Lombardo (BG), Vivai Riberio – Manta (CN), Azienda Agricola La Girella di Terzi – Calcinate (BG), Rose rifiorentissime – Ciliverghe di Mazzano (BS), Fioreria Moioli – Scanzorosciate (BG), La verde oasi vendita all’ingrosso – Agrate Brianza (MB), Lavanda di Valtellina – Tresivio (SO) and rubberslippersinitaly.wordpress.com and Cappelli Mariuccia Fatto_mano_con_passione (on Instagram).