Pruning plants in the garden: The Plants

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This article may seem short, but the bulk of the work is in the pdf file attached below where there is the real sweat of the brow: we have brought together all the knowledge in our possession and on the web to give you such a specific study that we hope it will be useful to you in the field. And let us know if you’ve used it!. The email is always at your disposal.

Pruning in theory

We understood the theoretical discourse of pruning in the article “THE PRUNING of plants in the garden The Theory” and we learned that plants can be divided into 5 groups by type of flowering.

Now we have to understand which plants belong to each species or at least the best known and, consequently, what type of pruning to perform on each one.

The information on the pruning of individual plants is more than you can imagine.

Old, weak, disharmonious or diseased branches often need to be pruned at a different time than normal pruning, but for each plant there are different rules and this article does not want to replace a book written by super-experts.

What are the plants that bloom on the branches of the year? And which ones on those of the previous year? And are there other behaviors, perhaps anomalous?

We have decided to publish the list of plants in pdf so that you can download it and we advise you to do so. Contains the specification of the group to which the plant belongs with respect to the previous discussion, when it flowers and when it should be pruned.

La potatura degli arbusti e piccoli alberi.pdf

In this list that we also provide, although nourished, there are not all the plants so if you need to learn more, we recommend purchasing one of these books that we have selected:

La potatura delle piante ornamentali” of Giuseppe Serini ed. Edagricole or “La potatura delle piante ornamentali” of Elisa Marmiroli ed. Hoepli, or furthermore “Guida completa alla potatura delle piante” of Steve Bradley ed. Il castello or in the end “Piccola enciclopedia della potatura talee e innesti” AA.VV. ed. del Baldo.


mondo-del-giardino la potatura


the garden world advice

If you are undecided about how to prune a plant, you can act in two ways: either postpone pruning if the situation is not serious or perform a very light pruning on a bud while waiting to acquire more information.

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

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Image sources: thanks to Pixabay and in particular Stefan Schweihofer for the pruning kit and Ray Shrewsberry for cutting the branch with gloves.