Put a whirlpool in the garden

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Put a whirlpool in the garden

We started this journey of knowledge of the world of swimming pools with the article “Put a pool in the garden“. Then we focused on bio lakes: a natural version of a swimming pool in the article “Put a bio lake in the garden“. Now we will focus on the third and last option (but not the least fascinating) which is the mini-pool or outdoor hot tub.

How was the hot tub born?

The concept of whirlpool was invented by Mr. Candido Jacuzzi back in 1943 by building a pump capable of conveying a jet of water with the force necessary for muscle massage for his son Kenneth. In fact, the son, suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis, found relief in hydrotherapy sessions in the hospital, which is why Candido’s wife asked him to build one for the house.

At a certain point, the technology needed to build the outdoor hot tub, which is called a mini-pool, developed from the indoor tub.

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How many types of hot tubs are there?

Today there are inflatable, fixed or in-ground hot tubs on the market and all models will require chemicals to treat the water.

The inflatables are very convenient and have the characteristic of being able to be removed in the seasons when they are not used. Unlike the other two, it does not have large installation costs and is not connected to the water system with the pros and cons that this generates. For example, since it has no recycling pumps, it will have to be emptied once a month.

The underground mini-pool is rarely chosen because the aesthetic differences between the underground and the external one are not significant and therefore it is preferable not to have the problem of the excavation.

The most installed are the fixed ones which are monobloc portable structures which, unlike indoor whirlpool tubs, do not need to be emptied. In fact, they are equipped with filtration and disinfection systems that ensure constant water purification. It is therefore never necessary to change it.


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What are the secrets to go from dream to reality without jolts?

Clearly the first thing is the choice of the position of the mini-pool in the garden.

A reputable company will carry out the inspection and you can then consult with them to define the best location.

Once this is done, it will be important to prepare a dedicated power line with your electrician and the plumbing system must also be brought.

Once decided and purchased, the model must be delivered and assembled. A hot tub weighs over 300 kg and requires many men to be moved. Therefore, if the point where you want to place the tub is not reachable from the truck, you will have a further significant expense item to consider.

If you buy a fixed hot tub, don’t skimp on accessories. The coverage is decisive: it keeps away the impurities present in the air, insects and leaves and helps substantially to maintain the internal temperature. Furthermore, today the tires – despite being very performing – have been made easier to handle because they are thinner and lighter.


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How do you choose the hot tub for the garden?

Today there are many manufacturers of hot tubs, starting from the still existing and reference Jacuzzi for the sector, to Castiglione, Busco, etc.

The Jacuzzi, for example, which has continued to improve its technology over the years, will always have an eye for research on the positioning and size of the vents. For example the airpool hydromassage  where the jets are not on the sides of the tub but on the bottom or the patent shiatsu which includes two parallel rows of 32 small nozzles directed along the neck whose effect is comparable to the pressure of the hands of a masseur.

Busco, on the other hand, with fifty years of experience in the sector, focuses on customization. For example, placing a mini-pool on a terrace in Piazza del Duomo in Milano where the buildings are more than a hundred years old means that a certain weight will not be exceeded. The customization concerns the shape and depth that varies for each project, while also providing for standard structures.


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Having a hydromassage in the garden: the costs

The first cost to consider is the extraordinary arrangement of the electrical and plumbing systems.

The second important cost is the purchase of the mini-pool.

A turnkey Jacuzzi with cover, for 5/6 people of an average model will be positioned above the four zeros.

Busco of the same type will not exceed 4 zeros.

The major cost, after the purchase, is the heating of the water, but this also depends on the frequency of use. There is talk of 300/400 Watts per day if you keep it on all the time. If, on the other hand, it is used for a couple of hours a day with a modern, well-insulated unit and a quality thermal cover, it will cost more than a common household appliance.

Finally, maintenance will include products for disinfection and the purchase of a net, non-abrasive sponge, neutral soap, water tester, additives and filters even if it must be said that today there is water sterilization using ultraviolet rays instead of chlorine. This made all the stretches of water usable even for those who were sensitive to the product and significantly lowered maintenance costs.

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the input of Mondo del Giardino

With swimming pools and mini-pools, the maintenance in terms of operations to be carried out even on a daily basis are the same and are quite demanding, if you don’t want to or can’t take care of them, choose the bio lake.

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and … if you have any questions please write to info@mondodelgiardino.com

image sources thanks to Pixabay and in particular Michelle Raponi for the cover photo, Manuel W. for the Jacuzzi for social media, Rita-?‍? und ? mit ❤ for the dish set near the tub, Tuấn Võ for the hydromassage in the stone, Petra for the wooden hot tub, Raj Sharma for the hot tub in the pool, Kat Galamay for the hot tub next to the inflatable deck chairs and MichaelM for the hot tub with life jacket.

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