Case 2 – Giovanni’s garden

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Case 2 – Giovanni’s garden

Hello everyone and welcome to the second real case of the TGi, the TeleGiardino.

Even today we will deal with the second real case and that is the Garden of Giovanni.

As you can see, it is an L-shaped garden of just over 160 square meters where the distribution of the rooms in the house is clearly visible: the entrance, the living room, the kitchen, the master bedroom, the two bedrooms and the two bathrooms.

In this type of garden, the relationship with the interior is very important. It will be the fulcrum of our project being careful what the owner wants. For example, one important thing he wants is water.

Let’s take a photo tour of the garden

You can see the side from the living room side therefore east paved.

You can also see the French window of one of the bedrooms and the bathroom window.

Then there is the long side of the garden, the narrower one. Then there is the corner where the second bedroom and the other bathroom overlook, the tool shed was placed here. Then you see the north and south west side. The small patio in the deepest part of the garden can also be seen.

Mr. Giovanni asks to be able to expand the paved dining area and make it usable even in winter, therefore with a closed structure.

Interesting this photograph that shows what you see from inside the house.

It immediately struck me because it could become a focal point of the project. The element that divides the outdoor kitchen from the lawn, being opaque, interrupts the view and should be replaced by a transparent element and behind it I would consider putting a wall fountain. The wall can be entered as long as it is not too large. In fact, in the adjacent garden there is a structure that already divides and should also be covered. Clearly some Thujes that cannot fit here will have to be eliminated and a rectangular stone element will be inserted.

The next step is deciding what to do in the garden.

Giovanni knows what to do in the garden: eat with friends, devote himself to chatting in an external sitting room and asks to dedicate space to the children’s study in addition to the water points already mentioned.


Case 2 – Giovanni’s garden: Evaluate the areas of shadow and light.

We have said that, given the east and west position, the living room area will be in the morning sun and the kitchen area will be in the afternoon sun.

We continue our journey in harmony with the videos on the site.

The 4 is Views to cover or enhance

In this garden, I will now show you Giovanni’s video, which also shows the surroundings of the garden, that is, the outside.

As you can see, in fact, there are no disturbing elements outside, there are no windows overlooking the garden except on the east side. In the area to the east the surrounding buildings are very close and the only thing to do is think of a cover.

Well, in this photo you can see how there must be a building with a balcony very close to the garden. In this case, a cover is recommended.

Case 2 – Giovanni’s garden: Decide where to do what, point 5.

This is the distribution of actions to do in the garden organized in the garden. This phase is very important for the project. So, talking about which areas to dedicate to what, we can define the area outside the living room as the sitting room area, communicating with the living room. The area in front of the bedroom adjacent to the living room is one of the two study areas. The area between the two just marked should be dedicated to a frame that divides the two areas, so different in use, and acts as a background and embellishment for both.

The area behind the second bedroom is the second area we dedicate to study

and the tool shed housed there will now be moved either among the plants at the bottom of the garden because it is protected from view of the living room by a row of Thuje, or positioned a little further up in a point that cannot be seen from any window. In front of the kitchen there is already a paved area dedicated to eating with friends to which an additional screened paved area will be added including a fountain visible from inside the house, for board games and other actions related to conviviality. The path that leads from the veranda area to the rest of the garden can be made with gneiss.

Case 2 – Giovanni’s garden: now let’s focus on point 6, in summary what can you see from inside the house

Entering the house I will see the separation between the two areas created with design elements, perhaps containing water. From the window of the adjacent bedroom you could see a small table with two chairs that invites you to go out and study outdoors. From the second bedroom you can see another point of the hedge in front of which an accent should be placed. From the French window of the master bedroom we will see something outside the veranda. From the kitchen we can, as already mentioned, focus on the wall fountain. Finally, one of the most beautiful points of the garden is the corner visible both during the walk and while studying in the external space of the second bedroom. Being in the background to the dining area and admiring from the study area, it could be a point of calm and meditative beauty.

Now let’s talk about point 7 or What style to give to the garden

which can always become point 1 or be the basis of our decisions. Giovanni wants the style to be modern, with accents of other styles. The specification of these styles will be decided by the owner and the designer during the design phase. The secret to being successful in styling the garden is to stick to your own taste or that built by the family.

We proceed with step 8: How to pave the garden

The area in front of the kitchen should be paved like the rest of the existing one. The living room area is already paved and it occurs to me that the part hidden from the window could become a great location for a hot tub if you protect the view from above with a pergola.

I also remember that with regard to the views to be covered, there is a light pole outside the property that should be hidden by shifting the focus to a flower bed in front or by making the hedge grow more at that point.

This is the preliminary work that is done for the design. Already in this phase we have decided many things and set the structure of what will be the actual project.

Thank you for following us and we hope we have been helpful. See you next Wednesday!

Now on horseback! Work awaits us! Our new wonderful outdoor space is about to be born!

GOOD WORK and… if you have any questions, write to

Image sources: thanks to Giovanni for the photos of his garden, for the walkways,, and for the wall fountains, for the stone fountain, and for the dividing fountains, for the flowerbed, Pixabay and in particular Else Siegel for the rectangular wall spout, PublicDomainPictures for the gray wall fountain, Th G for the wall faucet, WikimediaImages, sosinda for the table and chairs, Tuấn Võ for the brick wall tub, tedweddell for the fountain mask, and Brigitte Werner for the saxophone fountain.

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